Aerial Mapping & Imaging Services

Analyze and monitor construction sites as the project evolves. Be able to view the near real time situation of your site for up-to-date measurements and analysis.

  • GIS compatible
  • Accurate to within 5cm
  • Cover up to 15 acres on a single flight

Geographic Information Systems
Utilize geospatial intelligence to help improve design methods.

  • Insert same day imagery into GIS platforms
  • 3 cm accuracy with the use of Ground Control Points
  • Develop a database of existing infrastructure for use on future projects

(NDVI) Normalized Difference Vegetative Index
Through digital image analysis a Normalized Difference Vegetative Index is generated which helps in determining the overall health of plants.

  • Quickly detect various plant stresses
  • Wetlands Monitoring
  • Conduct comparative analysis over a set time

Real Estate
Display most any property in 3D. Navigate around your model observing property and adjacent area in detail from an aerial perspective.

  • 3D Image generation
  • Topographical Analysis
  • Image can be embedded or exported

3D Modeling
Display most any property in 3D. Navigate around your model with the ability to view property and adjacent area in detail from an aerial perspective.

  • 360 Degree View
  • Full Color Imagery
  • Near Real Time

Volumetric Calculations
Perform volume calculations at most any location.  Accuracy within 1% of traditional methods completed in a fraction of the time.  Utilizing aerial imagery to calculate the following:

  • Area
  • Volume
  • Distance

Why Choose Us?

  • FAA Approved – Authorized to conduct commercial operations utilizing Unmanned Aerial Vehicles
  • Veteran Business – Owned and operated by a former Naval Aviator
  • Experience – Company ownership has a combined 60 years aviation experience spanning four decades
  • Service – 5 Star UAV understands the most critical aspect of service, listening to the customer
  • Insured –  $1,000,000 liability policy

Operating under the umbrella of Peninsular Aerial Services, LLC, 5 Star UAV was founded by a group of aviation professionals who saw the need for responsible operators in the burgeoning field of Unmanned Aerial Vehicles. Headquartered on Florida’s Space Coast, our goal is to provide unparalleled customer service while maintaining strict adherence to all relevant Federal Aviation Regulations.

Our Mission is to provide a superior product based upon the following five principals: Accountability, Courtesy, Integrity, Professionalism, and Value. Utilizing these principals as a guide, 5 Star UAV will maintain the highest standards in serving its customers and community.

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