What we can do for you... 

5 Star UAV is a full-service aerial modeling, mapping and imaging company dedicated to informing decision makers with actionable data. 

Our fleet of Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAV) piloted by our insured, FAA approved Team are ready for quick deployment, allowing us to provide you with the images you need, when you need them, at an affordable price.

Don't spend thousands on your own equipment and hundreds of hours in training. Our expert Team is ready to deploy and get you the images, video and data you need NOW.

A picture is worth a thousand phone calls...

Solutions and Capabilities

Tasks that took days can now be accomplished in minutes with greater accuracy and lower costs 


Construction / Development / Real Estate Monitoring

Get actionable data, minimize costs, and make smarter business decisions. 

Analyze and monitor construction sites as the project evolves without having to be on the job- site. Be able to view the near real time situation of your site for up-to-date measurements, analysis and peace of mind.

  • No more surprises
  • Better client relationships
  • Manage subcontractors with facts, not guesses

  • GIS compatible
  • Accurate to within 5cm 
  • Cover up to 15 acres on a single flight

"We can be a company's eyes on a site. The Project Foreman / Construction Manager / Investor doesn't have to visit the site on a regular basis to understand what is going on..."

"We can provide the imagery so they can see progress - and measurements - near real-time."

-Rob Buhrow, Dir. of Operations, 5 StarUAV

"We can be a company's eyes on a site. The Project Foreman / Contruction Manager / Investor doesn't have to visit the site on a regular basis to understand what is going on..." 

"We can provide the imagery so they can see progress - and measurements - near real-time." 

 -Rob Buhrow, Dir. of Operations, 5 StarUAV

Geographic Information Systems (GIS)

Accurate, updated Geogrpahic Images and Maps showing what an area looks like TODAY.

5 Star GIS services provide a level of insight that’s invaluable to industries like agriculture, construction, mining, and land and resource management, or for gathering data for any area that needs to be moitored closely and often.  

Our drone Team allows you to get this data cheaply, easily and quickly, with less risk and more frequency and detail than manned flight or satellite imagery.

  • Insert same day imagery into GIS platforms
  • 3 cm accuracy with the use of Ground Control Points 
  • Develop a database of existing infrastructure for use on future projects

(NDVI) Normalized Difference Vegetative Index

Special cameras can be used to detect water, nutrient, disease and insect attacks before such stressing factors are even visible to the human eye.

Through digital image analysis a Normalized Difference Vegetative Index is generated which helps in determining the overall health of plants.

  • Quickly detect various plant stresses before visible to the human eye
  • Proactive treatment can save valuable crops and plants
  • Conduct comparative analysis over a set time

  • Agriculture evaluation and monitoring
  • Golf course turf evaluation and monitoring
  • Wetlands Monitoring 

3D Modeling

UAV Photogrammetric mapping and modeling is a new way of collecting photogrammetric imagery. With UAVs, what used to be a very cost prohibitive service is now accessible for even smaller projects.

Display most any property in 3D. Navigate around your model with the ability to view property and adjacent area in detail from an aerial perspective.

  • Generate survey accurate renderings, and overlay on any layer. 
  • Gather environmental stats and process impact studies.
  • Map build sites and existing facilities, monitor construction progress, all while gathering geographical and topographical data.
  • Calculate volumes of extracted materials, stockpiles, and monitor hot-spots or interesting site areas with our 3D drone mapping and modeling services.

3D Modeling Demo

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Volumetric Calculations

We can perform fast, accurate and cost-effective volume calculations at most any location. Accuracy within 1% of traditional methods completed in a fraction of the time.

Drones are safer, faster, and about half the cost as compared to traditional ground-based volumetrics.

Utilizing aerial imagery to calculate the following:

  • Area
  • Volume
  • Distance